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Small Cap and Micro Cap Investing

JRP Capital Corp. seeks to identify solid, long-term growth opportunities that have not been recognized by the investment community. This takes place through an evaluation process that includes several quantitative and qualitative steps. The list of potential investments is narrowed as specific information is analyzed and, to a lesser extent, as a result of changes in market conditions. Liquidity considerations are balanced against potential appreciation opportunities for stocks that are purchased. Publicly available industry reports as well as SEC filings, news releases, and related industry information is considered in conjunction with direct contact with management. This combined approach enables JRP Capital Corp. to make an informed initial investment decision, as well as judgements, in periods following purchase of a stock for a client's account. Investments generally are held over a full market cycle, which can be up to 5 years, in order to allow time to achieve the stated investment objectives. Active monitoring of all stocks purchased takes place on a regular basis. Historically, the most significant gains generally occur in approximately one-half of the holding period.

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Large Cap Investing

A select portion of JRP Capital Corp.'s investments are in Blue Chip, large cap stocks. The approach is similar to Small Cap and Micro Cap investing, and therefore is limited to a few issues. These frequently represent "fallen angels", that have been neglected or ignored by the market. American Stock Exchange listed depositary receipts (SPDR's, pronounced "spiders") also are used to achieve the desired returns. These receipts are designed to track their underlying averages or specific sector groups. There are 9 Select Sector SPDR Funds traded on the AMEX; (i) Basic Industries, (ii) Consumer Services, (iii) Consumer Staples, (iv) Transportation Sector, (v) Energy, (vi) Financial, (vii) Industrial, (viii) Technology and (ix) Utilities. There are 4 widely watched averages offered; (i) S&P 500, (ii) S&P Midcap, (iii) Dow Jones Industrial and (iv) Trust Company. The administrator and custodian for the SPDR Funds is State Street Bank and Trust Company. The investment advisor is State Street Global Advisors.

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Fixed Income Management

JRP Capital Corp. recognizes the importance of fixed income securities to meet the needs of a portion of certain client accounts. Particular emphasis is placed on purchase of high-quality municipal securities based on over 60 years of JRP Capital Corp.'s combined experience and knowledge of local markets. Municipal securities, especially for Ohio-based issues, are analyzed in response to specific client requirements.

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